Kermit the Frog was right: back in the 70s was not easy being green. Nowadays, fortunately, things have changed.

Kermit the Frog is happy. Although back in the 70s was not easy being green, nowadays has become much easier and even trendy!

Kermit the Frog - LoggaWiggler (CC)

This blog provides information, tips and inspiration to consume, eat and travel in a more sustainable way. We are putting the focus on two main industries closely related between them: food and hospitality.

We will discuss about food waste, food treatments, packaging, importation/exportation, GMOs, local consumption, sustainable tourism and so on. We will explore how national, European and global politics and laws impact on all these aspects. We will analyse what practices governments, companies, and individuals can improve, and also will post some inspiring and successful cases carried out by some of them.

In order to do so we will set three ‘coloured’ categories (red -needs much improvement-, green -sustainably inspiring- and yellow -in between black and green-) for three main groups: individuals, companies and institutions/governments.

Our philosophy is not to dramatically change the lives of few people, but raise awareness and encourage many people to enhance small habits in their daily lives at the same time as us. We want to build along with you a community of happy Green Beings.

P.S. Please note that in this blog, apart from intending to strive for more sustainable habits, we are also trying to improve our English bit by bit. You may find words or expressions that don't make any sense, and you're entitled to laugh at them and even help me spot and correct them!  


Kermit the Frog - LoggaWiggler (CC)